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 We are here to make it easier to find foods for people who have a severe food allergy or food allergies.   Your allergy free food or favorite foods are posted on Your Favorite Food page.
  We "share" helpful information in order to make finding foods for individuals with food allergy or food allergies easier and to help make dealing with a severe food allergy or food allergies easier.  We are a free support network among severely food allergic individuals who are linked by the World Wide Web.
  We post all letters received from food manufacturers regarding possible food allergen traces.

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       Manufacturers' letters are posted on our website regarding manufacturing, packing, and storing practices.  We let you decide if the companies' manufacturing and packing practices meet your individual needs or standards, e.g. DEDICATED manufacturing and packing lines.
      Foods for Allergies. com provides a support system of sharing information.  Our website is setup so you can send your information to us to tell others about allergy free food or Your Favorite Food you enjoy.  We will list Your Favorite Food or allergy free food on "Your Favorite Food" page. 
       We believe having access to a variety of Your Favorite Food or allergy free food that can be enjoyed will increase the quality of life for individuals with a severe food allergy or food allergies.  And
having on hand a variety of foods to enjoy you will be less likely to take chances from cross-contamination when eating out or trying a questionable and possibly unsafe food. 
     Foods For Allergies. com compiles and provides lists of:  sample school forms, sample letters, over the counter medicines and prescription drugs that may contain allergens, vitamin/supplements that may be helpful,  and fact sheets of information to help food allergic individuals better cope and eat safely with a wide variety of delicious and nutritious allergy free foods.        

Because it takes timing and planning to eat properly even without food allergies---  
Our website compiles/provides the following lists of information:

A shopping list of "Your Favorite Food" by Food Allergy or Food Allergies in order to help an individual with a food allergy or food allergies find foods that you are allowed to eat based on your type of food allergies. Although we list allergy free food products by brand --we do not endorse, nor are we associated with any of these products. 
To find the allergy free food products list, click on:
" Your Favorite Food " page.

A shopping List of allergy free foods or Your Favorite Food by Food Allergy or Food allergies and other products that may be run on dedicated lines and free of trace food allergen and cross-contamination in order to help others in similar situations of dealing with severe food allergies.

A collection of nutritious food ideas / products listed by brand name and by food allergy or food allergies to help guide you and help you find your way around the healthfood store, grocery store, and internet companies.

A variety of allergy free food products and other products that may be safe and suitable for an individual with severe food allergy / allergies to: milk, egg, wheat, peanut, tree nuts, soy, shellfish, and fish and other allergies.

Products listed by brand and by allergy that can be purchased in healthfood stores, grocery stores, or by mailorder.

Companies that may be small, but devoted to their customer's needs, and that may attain a quality assurance standard above and beyond the (FDA) standard in order to meet an individual's need with severe food allergy or food allergies.

www. Foods For Allergies. com........ 
Searches for a variety of enjoyable and safe allergy free food products that may be suitable for individual with severe food allergy or food allergies, i.e. products free of trace food allergy / allergies and cross-contamination. Please click on disclaimer page.
Shares and information that is provided by you regarding food products that you use which are allergy free.  The allergy free foods are posted on Your Favorite Food page.  We will post your information that is sent  by you regarding allergy free products you enjoy.  If you would like to tell others about the allergy free foods you enjoy or what works for you, drop an email listed on the Contact Us and Other Links page.
Provides a "Shopping List" so that it may make finding foods for food allergies easier for you.  (Please be aware we are not associated with any of these food companies). 

www. Foods For Allergies. com lists the following pages of information:

Your Favorite Foods --List of  Your Favorite Food by brand and by allergy / allergies and food manufacturers addresses and phone numbers. 
Sample Letter for 504 School form--Sample letters for accomodating students with severe food allergy or food allergies at school.
Sample Emergency Healthcare Plan
OTC Medicines and Prescription Drugs--List of medicines to watch out for which may contain trace food allergy or food allergies.
Supplements and Vitamins--List of your favorite supplements.
How to Read Labels--Information on new labeling law.
Contact Us and Other Links--Food allergy sites. 

www. Foods For Allergies. com provides a resource of information to help you find a variety of  allergy free foods that may be safe and enjoyable and other products for severely food allergic individuals.
 If you have had a problem with any product listed on our website, please let us know. 


                                           My struggles began in 1993 when my daughter at age 6 months was diagnosed with multiple, severe food allergies.  We were in a research program in 1994 under the direction of Dr. Hugh Sampson at Johns Hopkins Hospital who is a noted nationwide authority on food allergies and is now located at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City.  Dr. Sampson was extremely helpful, compassionate and excellent at diagnosing and treating my daughter's food allergies.


  •                                          We (mother and daughter) stayed at the Research Lab at Johns Hopkins for a week to perform actual food challenges on several allergy foods under the direction of Dr. Sampson.  In 1997 my son was born and is under the care of Johns Hopkins Pediatric Allergy Department which is now under the direction of  Dr. Robert Wood.  My son has been diagnosed by Dr. Wood with severe (anaphylaxis) food allergies to :  milk, egg, wheat, rye, peanut, tree nuts, and sesame seed.  I feel Both Dr. Wood and Dr. Sampson are highly skilled pediatric allergists along with their excellent trained residents, nurse, and staff who are under their supervision.  

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